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Living Quarter Trailers

Continental Cargo Living Quarter Trailers with Deluxe Features

Who says you have to stay in a motel after a hard day on the road? Why not indulge yourself with a custom living quarter trailer with deluxe features. The Cargo Trailer Store can offer a wide selection of living arrangements from beds, to bathrooms, to kitchens.

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Bed and Table from Continental Cargo

Pictured above is a four person table that can convert into a bed.

Kitchen inside the Cargo Living Quarters

Above is an optional kitchen with stove, oven, sink, and living quarter storage.

Living Quarter Trailer Beds and Bathrooms

Continental Cargo Bed and  Living Quarters

Towards the front of a goosneck you may add an optional king sized bed.


Continental Cargo Bathroom Bathroom and cabinents

Pictured above are two trailer necessities- a bathroom an sink. | 711 U.S. 301 North | Palmetto, Florida 34221| phone 941-721-8050 | 941-374-0528

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